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1. Lick block is a kind of feed made of the nutrients required by cattle and sheep by scientific formulation into blocks for them to lick. It has different shapes, some of which are cylindrical, some of which are rectangular and square. Also known as block compound additive, often abbreviated as "lick block" or "lick block".

Both theory and practice show that the supplementation of lick block can significantly improve the health status of cattle and sheep, accelerate the growth rate and increase economic benefits.

2. Since the 1980s, lick blocks have been widely used in more than 60 countries and regions, and are affectionately referred to by farmers as "chocolate of cattle and sheep".

Lick blocks are designed and produced completely according to the habit of ruminants for licking, and trace elements such as mineral elements and vitamins required by ruminants for daily use are added into them, which can supplement the deficiency of various trace elements in the diet of economic animals such as cattle and sheep that are artificially reared.

With the development of the livestock industry in China, lick block has also become an essential and efficient additive in most intensive farms, enjoying the reputation of "health food" for cattle and sheep. Jinan royal fuyuan biological technology co., LTD. Perennial production and sales of high quality feed licking blocks, cattle and sheep licking blocks, this product is based on modern nutrition New scientific research achievements and advanced processing technology, based on the actual situation of cattle, sheep breeding in China, using high quality raw materials and strict tube means, carefully and added to the modulation of a new type of feed products. It is suitable for large amount of straw or low quality forage to ban grazing and stowage feeding, protect the ecological balance of grassland, supplement the deficiency of mineral trace elements, and has far-reaching significance to improve the production performance of cattle and sheep, improve the health status, and improve the production efficiency.


Ben's lick contains salt. Molasses. Calcium. Phosphorus. Iron. Copper, manganese, zinc, cobalt. Iodine. Selenium. Magnesium and other trace elements.

Scope of application:

Cow. Beef. Sheep. Goats, deer, and other herbivorous livestock.

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The company mainly produces refined industrial salt, snow melting agent, soft water salt, crushed sun salt, feed additive, lick block of cattle and sheep.





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